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Have you ever known someone that religiously breaks off every one of their relationships at the same time point in time?

Maybe they hit the seven month mark and suddenly decide they “aren’t feeling it” anymore.

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In this season I’m battling darkness, despair, and depression.

Raquel’s former relationship was filled with highs and lows. It means it was exciting – and it was exciting because Jay was unpredictable.

If you are still attracted to guys that aren’t good for you because they keep you on edge, realize that you will be signing up for a stormy relationship, and later a rocky marriage.

Yes, you get a rush of adrenaline when after three days and no calls, your phone rings.

There is a fear that God commands and a fear that God forbids, a fear that builds you up and a fear that tears you down, a fear to gain and a fear to lose.

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