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Though Darwin and Mendel were contemporaries, Darwin had no scientific understanding of genetics. If evolution were true, we should see new life forms coming into existence. The problem with these proofs is that the arguments used can just as easily prove creation. It is better explained that God created or programmed living creatures to have similar characteristics. But all watches did not spring from a common ancestor. Yet we are to believe such incredible capability happened by chance and random selection. No genetic mutations or processes have ever been observed that increase information in the genome. They are the stuff of myth, and bad sci-fi, not science.

Mendel discovered through experimentation the hereditary boundaries the Bible has revealed. God created all biologic life at a point in time and ceased creating. Proofs of Evolution Evolutionists have proposed varying proofs for evolution. It is far, far beyond man’s intelligent design skill. God put limits on the design program so that kind always produces kind. We do not observe kinds crossing their programmed boundaries. Transmutations are the magical mystery tour of evolutionists.

But then, of course, we are placed in the awkward position of choosing how literal each passage should be taken, leading to a multitude of possible biblical interpretations and little final consensus.

Perhaps this partially explains why some Christian groups forbid condoms, while others don’t, some prohibit abortion, while others don’t, some forbid masturbation, while others don’t, and so on and so forth.

Metaphorical interpretation can lead to enormous variety in beliefs.

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