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Since the show has now overtaken George RR Martin’s original books, the upcoming plot is top secret.

“They’ve definitely tightened up who has scripts and how we’re given them,” says Nathalie. They won’t send it to us unless our emails have a two-step verification [security process].

It was this connection that saw the cast cope with the tragic loss of their founding co-star Paul Walker, who was killed in a car crash in 2013. We had a bit of downtime and he asked what music I was listening to, and I started playing him Lianne La Havas.

“The night before, Vin called me asking what I was doing and I said I’d got a vegan cake and was planning to watch films in my hotel room. ’ It was with all his nearest and dearest, and he really didn’t have to do that.

They were so sweet, and as I’m vegan they got me Tofurky, which is tofu turkey. ” The blockbuster also stars Jason Statham, Michelle Rodriguez and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Nathalie speaks of the strong bond on set.

“I’m comfortable with my own nudity, but we all have body hang-ups and I’m no exception to that. But I often try to do things I’m afraid of because it takes away the fear.

They’re just boobs – we see them every day.” Nathalie admits body insecurities led to her exercising daily when she was younger, but over the last few years she has learned to relax.

Her role as an advisor is becoming more and more important and the stakes are higher,” she explains. When my character came into this show, Daenerys told her: ‘You may go to war, go hungry or even die.’ Now we’re reaching the point where it’s very much a possibility.

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