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Enforcement and any additional criteria is up to each individual school.But eventually it must be discussed because they don the church-designed underwear every day. And on special occasions - even on their wedding day.

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She can craft white bodysuits to wear beneath tulle and plays patchwork with lace.

She folds damask into sleeves so intricate it's impossible to believe they weren't there before.

In a letter dated 10 October 1988, the First Presidency wrote: Practices frequently observed among the members of the Church suggest that some members do not fully understand the covenant they make in the temple to wear the garment in accordance with the spirit of the (4) holy endowment.

Church members who have been clothed with the garment in the temple have made a covenant to wear it throughout their (5) lives.

As a Christian, Novak has never worn Mormon underwear, but she has the contours down pat.

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