Sanaa lathan and taraji p henson dating

There are two reasons it works so well: , so (a) I was a dumb 22-year-old and (b) I agree with your pick. Shea: It would seem that for a movie to be designated as a rom-com, it would have to contain just two things: moments that are romantic and moments that are funny.But I’m going to go against the sensible advice of every single best friend in a romantic comedy and say that the best setting is a workplace (or a school, which is a workplace for teenagers). That assumption, however, is incorrect, and the reason why so many movies that aren’t romantic comedies accidentally get listed as romantic comedies (, for example).

At one point, she would apparently decide 'she didn't like her look at the last minute and chew them out.' Nia's reps have since denied those reports to TMZ.

However their sources indicate that things reached such a boiling point that the two stars halted even speaking to each other on set.

They also claimed that it was so hard for Long and Henson to film together that they tried to figure out a way they could film separately.

Nia's rep told TMZ: 'This story is complete nonsense.

Shea: Best I can tell, there are only five people who have a legit chance at grabbing this title, none of whom are men, and all of whom are white women, because white women fucking dominate the rom-com league so hard.

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