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Mars relates to your romantic desires; lust, if you will.It determines how sexually aggressive you are, and the raw passion, or lack of it, in your nature. This is why the symbol of Mars is also the symbol for the male.But the Sun sign is only one indicator of which element will be strongest in an individual.

A person whose chart is the mirror image of yours, has the natural tendency of dovetailing the alliance by filling needs to form a solid unit.

Astrologers are frequently asked "Which Sun sign is best for me? There are too many other variables to consider to charge off looking strictly for someone born while the Sun was in this sign or that.

The descendant in the horoscope is the sign opposite the ascendant. The seventh house is the field of relationships and therefore it is the area of primary focus in a study of synastry.

This house, opposite the first (matters of the self), relates to the other people with whom you enter close association.

The Sun signs fall into four groupings according the elements.

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