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There have been generations of technological advances that have transformed how adolescents and teenagers communicate with their friends, but the texting generation has brought an entirely new perspective on relationships and connecting.

"About 77% of teens own a cellphone, with one in four owning a smartphone. 75% said they actively text; 63% said they text every day." Only a fraction of teenagers, 39% to be exact, actually use their phones to make phone calls daily.

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in fact, only 15 years old.” During several of these chats Weiner “”used graphic and obscene language” to ask the girl “to display her naked body and touch herself,” prosecutors say. This was all happening under a veil of secrecy, even though Weiner’s personal and professional life had been collapsing around him for half a decade.

In June 2011, Weiner was forced to resign from Congress after a lewd picture appeared on his Twitter page.

Six months later, Abedin gave birth to their only child.

In July 2013, two months after Weiner announced he was running for mayor of New York City, a gossip website published screen shots of sexual conversations Weiner had with a woman the previous year.

A staggering majority of cellphone users use their phones to text or connect online.

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